A New Look for Direct Wire & Cable, Inc.

Direct Wire & Cable is proud to announce a new website! The newly developed website features greater functionality, a stronger brand presence and a personality that ties in nicely with the Direct Wire team.

“In Direct Wire’s expanding product and service offering, we wanted to reflect the full depth and breadth of our capabilities with the new website. Additionally, customer service is among one of the most important aspects of Direct Wire. By incorporating systems such as a Live Chat functionality, customers can communicate with us on their own terms” noted Kimberly Gates, Marketing Director.

It would be impossible for every customer to visit the Direct Wire Factory in Pennsylvania, so Direct is taking the factory to the customer with their 360° Virtual Reality Tour. Available to view on the website, customers will have an immersive experience, as though they are right in Denver, Pennsylvania.

Direct Wire has experienced strong growth over the past two years with the addition of a new CV line and new products such as striped extruded rubber cable. This has allowed them to continue to grow its primary customer base in the welding industry while also making way for new opportunities into new industries such as automotive, portable power distribution and renewable energy.

“We are excited for this opportunity to present a fresh face to our customers- it will only help our relationships grow even stronger. Taking the time to share our personality and capabilities with our customers is really what sets us apart from the others” says Direct Wire’s president, Eric Laubach.